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psx control pad adapters

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I was wondering if anyone know where I could buy a decent adapter to use psx pads on my computer.

I have the Smart Joy. While that is alright, it doesn't support vibration, and the analogue control cannot be used in conjunction with the digital like it can on the real psx. (you have to select one or the other..)

The Buttrutter would probably be the best choice, however...
I'm sure somebody posted an adapter once which contained 2 ports.
So you could plug in 2 control pads into one adapter, and it supported double analogue and vibration.
I feel that this would be the best choice for everyone, however I think it's made by a non-famous chinese third party periphiral company...

Can anybody shed any light on this?
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thanks a lot buddy :)

they have a really nice selection.

this one seems pretty good.
It have direct-X force feedback, but it states that it has the analog mode always on.. which may not be such a great thing.
And agian it's only for one joypad..

I thought this one was going to be the best..
It's like having a mulitap, so you can plug in 4 controllers into it..
the drawback (as always) however is that it it only supports 'normal' psx pads. (no analog or vibration)

this one seems the best so far.
It supports 2 players, with analog and vibration!
The drawback here though it that it requires a seperate power source, and it's a parallel port connection instead of usb.

I'm pretty sure there is a usb one similar to this somewhere out there.
But if I can't find it, I'm pretty sure I'll get the Dual Shock Adapter by Blaze (the last one).
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