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Can anyone shed any light on this little card thingy for my psx?
apparently it's a caetla clone... (which don't mean a thing to me!)

I'm trying to see if i can update the card with my plain old Pc...
I've got a parrallel cable which fits on to the back of it
Don't know which software to use...
Don't know which hardware to use...
(Do i need some sort of comms device to interprit the card?)
All I know is that I can't use any of the on board cheats during a game, and i cannot input new codes into the thing (won't let me save!)
And the menu is in black & white...
I was wondering if I could flash the thing? or will that fry the PSX as well?

Is this thing a dud?

The only redeeming thing about the card is that it does play backups ok.

So if anyone out there can put me on the road of enlightenment then get in touch...

thanks in advance.
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