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2013-07-29 - Updated BIOS dumper to version 2.6

Required hardware:

Required Software:

Transfer using serial cable:
As of version 2.6 BIOS can be transferred using an official or 3rd party PSX serial cable.
The application for the PC side (BIOSget) is located in the archive attached to the end of this post.

Getting started:
The first thing that you need to do is to burn the BIOS dumper to a Cd-R.
I suggest using a freeware burning software ImgBurn.

Warning: Before you start dumping make sure that your Memory Card is completely blank,
otherwise you won't be able to start a dumping process.

Booting a dumper:
Put the dumper disc you burned earlier in your PSX and start it.
Remember, your PS1 needs to be modded in order to start a burned disk.

After a while a menu should show up.

From there you can choose which segment of the BIOS you want to dump.
To start dumping press X.

Dumping usually takes a minute so be patient.
Once it's done you should get a message telling you to reset the console.

After a reset go to the Memory Card screen.
You should see 15 saves with the name "BIOS DUMP".

Transfer saves to PC:

PlayStation MemoryCard reader method:
Connect a memory card to your PC and open the Memory Card Captor Sakura.
Important: Make sure that you install the UserPort driver you got with the software.

Press "SLOT 1" to read the Memory Card data.
Now press "IMG R" and save the card with the .mcr extension and name it after a part you dumped (eg "Part1.mcr").

DexDrive method:
Start MemcardRex and go to "Hardware"->"Read data"->"Dexdrive" and wait until reading is finished.
Now press "File"->"Save as..." and save the card with the .mcr extension and name it after a part you dumped (eg "Part1.mcr").

uLaunchELF method:
Connect USB stick to the PlayStation 2 and run uLaunchELF. Browse to your Memory Card and copy the save called BEFFFFFFFFFFBIOSDUMP to your USB stick.
After that connect the USB stick to the PC and use the "Edit"->"Import save..." feature of MemcardRex to open the save.
Now press "File"->"Save as..." and save the card with the .mcr extension and name it after a part you dumped (eg "Part1.mcr").

Dump the other parts:
When it's done disconnect a Memory Card, connect it to PlayStation and delete the BIOS DUMP saves.
Repeat the steps above for the other four remaining parts.

Merging a BIOS:
Unpack the BIOSmerge application for your OS and put it in some directory.
In that same directory put all dumped parts (.mcr files).
Run the application and you should get a file named SCPHXXXX.bin.

Look at the bottom of your console to get the model number (as you can see mine is SCPH-9002).

Rename the SCPHXXXX.bin to match your PlayStation model number.

Now run the PlayStation emulator of your choice to check if the BIOS is working.
If it's working then congratulations, you successfully dumped your PlayStation BIOS.

If you have any issues or you think I should add or correct something feel free to send me a PM.
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