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PSX BIOS Dumping guide Error

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Hello and Good Day I have a Problem

I have make a CD with from
PSX BIOS Dumping guide

BladeLib App Launcher. Nothing found to Work on Windows XP

Picture 1 from the Guide I see. And I can do nothing
no Gamepad Press no Action

I have a PSX SCPH-7502 PAL
I have a 1MB Memory Card Empty
I have the Link Cable for the Savegames -> PC - MemoryCard
And I have an Mod Chip an Chip with 3 Cable

Please Help and Greets
Sorry for the 1000 Post with Bios Help.... I look on the Search First.
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BladeLib App Launcher is not a Windows application.
You have to burn the launcher on the disc along with the dumper.
blade_full_12.rar - bstart.exe is win32 Exe

or CandU's BladeLib App Launcher -> PSX.EXE
Yeah, BladeLib App Launcher (named PSX.EXE). Place it on the disc along with the dumper.
Dumper should be renamed TARGET.EXE, as it stated in the Readme of the launcher.
Thank You ShendoXT for Help me :) I'm Happy
Good Night
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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