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Beta Version Feature List:
+Stable PSP Firmware Emulation
+Laptop/Tablet PC Battery Support
+2.0 Web Browser Emulation
+Runs PBP Files(Homebrew)
+ISO Support(Not At Full Speed)
+WiFi Support
+Theme Setup
+Wallpaper Customisation
+MP3 and MPEG Support
+Full Screen Mode
+Reset,State Save and Power Off.
+Home Button Support(Includes Home Confirmation Screen)
+UMD Emulation(.umd files - new file type)*
+XBOX Version - (Limitations - No WiFi or ISO Support)
+Linux Version
+Windows And Mac Versions
+PSP Drive Emulation(PSP/GAME/ etc.)
+Extended 3D Rom Support
+New Project Name:pSPemu (Xbox: PSPemuX)

the beta release is yet to be confirmed.
more info:

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yay, psp emulation is starting!
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