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PSP Scam / Privateeye2004 scamming!!

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The guy in the post below, privateeye2004, has been scamming people all over the internet. DO NOT send him money! If anyone tries to sell you anything online, use PayPal or If they want cash, Western Union, bank transfer, etc. just WALK AWAY! This same scam is being run all over, and includes fake and stolen pics used to "prove" that they have the merchandise. privateeye2004 even sent someone a stolen Ebay pic on which he had photochopped a picture of a paper with the buyers name. Usernames change and photoshop abilities improve, so be careful. Caveat Emptor!!
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Yea, oh and anothet thin for all of us non-japanese folks ... Wait for the damn North American/Europe release! I can't stress this enough. Sure it would b e "cool" for you to have a PSP now, but there are many reasons that you shouldn't. Your PSP unit, as soon as it is taken out of Japan is not valid for warranty anymore. So you have a dead pixel, button falling off, or your unit jus stops working, then too bad, you just blew ~$400.00! The games out for the japanese release are ... JAPANESE! Yes, so unless you can read japanese, playing these games are very hard. There's not much englis in these games. Also the unit itself isn't 100% guaranteed to work with all import games. So you buy a Japanese unit, and later on wanna play some NTSC/U (North American) games on it. Well it may not work ... And that sucks :/
Too true. That's why I'm third on the list at my local GameStop! I can't wait! Well, I can wait till March, but after that I REALLY can't wait!
also AFAIK it has dvd films region block ...

As for mtnfraggle post... who's that dumb, to buy something from mail that he got from almost nowhere (unknown source) :lol: ??
I would like a reference to that post please:).
Many people are "that dumb" unfortunately.:p I can honestly say I have never bought a thing online and don't plan to unless it's the only way.
I saw this guy's post here on the forums. It was definitely highly suspicious. Never buy from e-mail sources. They're the worst you can get (/me remembers a guy who bought USD 800 worth of medical drugs from a mexican e-mail vendor. Needless to say that he never saw the drugs or his money back).
Yes it is usually not wise to order from a suspicious character. In my case when I order things that just came out from Japan I go to Lik-Sang, their prices suck, but at least they get me the stuff and deliver it. Although I have not ordered a console type class item yet from them, I may think of picking one up when I can scrounge up the money (just cleaned off my wallet on gifts for the family :p).
and I just walk into any "PS2 specialist" (yes there are ones selling exclusively Gamecube and Xbox stuff too) store and if they don't have something they could get it within 24 hours from thier supplyers so I don't need to import anything
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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