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What's a good and trustworthy site to get a hold of a original PSP fatboy faceplate? I picked up a used one at Gamestop for $70 bucks and the faceplate has some minor scratches on it, while none of them are extremely bad with as much as I've been playing on this thing they've started to become annoying.

I'd also like to get a better battery pack, cause the 1800mAh I got with this thing doesn't last long enough when I'm playing hour eating games like Disgaea. Also, some sorta of protective screen covering to keep my new faceplate safe from any future scratches.

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you can find official sony psp 1000 batteries by looking around amazon. don't bother with batteries from dealextreme those batteries won't last long at all.

any screen protector will do since most of them you have to cut to size yourself or you can buy a cloth psp carring case/pouch.

DealExtreme: $6.05 Genuine Hori PSP Screen Protector (Japan Imported) - hori makes the best screen protectors is this one was made for psp.

DealExtreme: $5.27 Replacement Front Plate for PSP Phat/1000 (Black) also here is a psp1000 faceplate, this is reputable place it may be located in china but its the cheapest prices for this kind of stuff. shipping takes about 1-2 weeks.

if you do order from these places I suggest you use paypal.

if you don't want to buy from this place ebay has everything :p
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