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PSP online service for the adults...

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This was just too funny for me to not put on, and it was a hard decision where to put this. But I believe it is best suited here (General Discussion):
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My male brain likes the idea* :lol:

Anyway, it looks like a cheap move from Sony. Selling pr0n on a handheld is... sick.
If it can show pictures there will eventuaily be p0rn
What makes you think people havent put pr0n on their psp's already ;)
haha I can see the head lines now

"There has been a recent string of accidents in which drivers were masturbating to their Sony PSP. Thousands Killed."
Wow this is sure gonna be a nice trend for the sony handheld:).i for one do not own a psp and probably won't for a long time.
I only have a mobile phone and it's already a mobile pr0nstation :evil:

besides, the first true pornstations still are laptops :p
why do you think managers take those things to the toilet? :evil: .... :spy:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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