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Seems Psychojak is busy these day, and another update for the below news item was released, an update for PSinex which fixes that ugly GTE bug which made playing before pretty hard.

<a href="/psx/pics/psinex_rev3_pe2_1.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/pics/psinex_rev3_pe2_1s.jpg" ALIGN=LEFT BORDER=0 vspace=5 hspace=5></a>Let's start with the good news. This release finally fixes this ugly GTE bug, which made the character look really messed up, depending from which side you saw him. You are therefor able from now on to fully see where the character is looking and what he is actually doing.

<a href="/psx/pics/psinex_rev3_pe2_2.jpg" TARGET="_blank"><img src="/psx/pics/psinex_rev3_pe2_2s.jpg" ALIGN=right BORDER=0 vspace=5 hspace=5></a>These are the good news, now let's get to the bad ones : If you know this game already, you'll know that, after some training lessons, you'll leave the building and drive to your first mission. Once you arrived, you'll see an helicopter crashing on the card. Well, and that's where the emu stops working :/

Anyway, Psychojak knows about this error, so let's hope he'll find that one soon as well. Until then, <a href="/download/pafiledb.php?action=viewfile&fid=43&id=5">check out this release</a> and leave your thoughts on our <a href="/forums/index.php">message board</a> !
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