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PSinex Pre-Release

PsYcHoJaK has released a private build of his Playstation emulator PSinex hosted right here on NGEmu at the following <a href="" TARGET=_"blank">link</a>. Two versions are available for download from the official homepage, an installer version including all the plugins and a zipped version without any plugins. Remember this is a private BETA and as PsYcHoJaK states:<ul><b>"Dont brag about the missing features or the bad coding because this build is about half of the final expected product. Enjoy!"</ul></b>So don't look a gift horse in the mouth as us Brits say! and keep up the good work PsYcHoJaK and shunt :)

<b>Update by fluffy :</b> Just added psinex to the download database. You can get the emu here now.
<a href="">Psinex Pre-Release (No Plugins)</a>
For plugins, download the latest plugin pack <a href="">here</a>.
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