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psemu no sound in movies and controller issue

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help me, ok psemupro the nice psemu plays nicely on my sytem, howevr games that have movies like breath of fire iv, the movies have no sound but the regular game does. what can i do to make the mdec movies work ive tried all the plugins yet none work which one works for u for mdecs(movies). or does it work at all? 2ndly, is there a controller plug in that when i game loads the controller doesnt jump all around like craziness none of mine work. i have a usb (gravis) but yet it jumps like an animal. the controller will be ok if no ill settle, but what about sounds in the movies?expecially breath of fire 4. l8r write back please
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I'd love to help but I gave up on psemu pro a long time ago. Its way out dated, use ePSXe for your needs. Get it at or at with lots of plugins (56 to be exact).

Sorry, but that's all I can suggest.
Try using FPSE... It's more compatible than epsxe....
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