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PS3 Teasers in LA

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There's an article at gamespot that describes an ad near the LA Convention Center's bus stop.

LOS ANGELES--The area surrounding the Los Angeles Convention Center is always a hotbed of activity in the days leading up to the start of E3, as you're always sure to see teasers and other advertisements for products that will be on display at the show. While the convention center itself is covered in ads for known products, like The Matrix: Path of Neo and Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, the bus stops near the convention center are plastered with some more interesting fare.

A PlayStation logo in the corner, cut-up versions of the PlayStation controller's four buttons, and the phrase "Welcome Chang3" is available in a few different colors and configurations. Could it be a continuation of Driv3r? Well, OK, no, probably not. Instead, you can take this as the first sign that Sony's next PlayStation will, indeed, probably be called the PlayStation 3. We'll have more from Sony, including footage of the company's press conference, on Monday.
Source: Gamespot - Playstation 3 teasers in Los Angles?

Here the shots of the ad from gamespot plus another someone posted at neowin.
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