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Hey guys! I posted this a few days ago at the official PS3 forum and decided to publish it here also, since it can also be seen by ppl that doesn't own a ps3.

Anyway, i was a bit bored so i designed a box for a Home Bundle just for fun. I know Home is not the hottest stuff right now, so this is mainly about packaging. I don't know if it would sell fine, great or none at all... it wasn't the point. I say the Killzone 2 bundle, and since design is not only mi job, but my passion, i got inspired to try one of my own.
I'll appreciate your views and comments!!

Then, based on ppls suggestions, i did a blue one, that also has a decal on top, and different bundled items

Then came the most complete one, that also includes the headset

And based on another user's post, i did a small start kit, that has a $20 psn card, an exclusive outfit and the keypad

That's all... i hope you guys like it! You can click the pics, except the blue one, for larger versions.

The original thread is here How about a Home Bundle? - PLAYSTATION®3 General - Forums

Sorry if i wasted your time. Your suggestions are always welcome!
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