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ps2 reality media player lag?

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Hi, I just finish burning my ps2 reality media player disc. One problem occur is that the movie of my family reunion seem to be "lag" all the time. Are there any solution to fix it? I don't want to lower the resotion of 640x480. By the ways, I can't buy gameshark media player since it isn't avalaible in my country.
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I think it is because the media player isn't complete yet. I am having the same problem here, lowering the resolution might help, but noticed one of my very high resolution XviD file(if i remember correctly) is played just fine with max quality setting. Maybe you could try reencoding the clip?
But I used xvid to encode it already. It seems that I have to lower the resolution. Thanks for the reply
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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