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PS2 problems

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Hi Im a newbie here and I am looking for someone to help me with my question, I have a PS2 SCPH-30001 (VER 4) A friend gave me this unit cause i wanted a ps2, however it was broken when I recieved it, It had a broken DVD drive. However I repaired the physical damage that i can see, the unit will play PS1 games and audio cd's but will not play PS2 games. Has anyone run into this problem before.....

Thanks :eyemove:
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Does it give you disc read errors in the browser when you try to boot a DVD-based game? If so, try following this guide. I did that with my SCPH-30001 and it helped it out quite a bit. There's also another method you could try that involves turning a white wheel or something and it raises the laser, making it easier for it to read the disc.

Edit: Fixed the link. I forgot that GameFAQs doesn't allow direct linking to the FAQs :p. It's the second Disc Read Error FAQ on the page.
I don't get any errors at all, the PS2 games just don't play when I put them in, I will try that other suggestion about the whit wheel to try and adjust he lazer. Thank you for your help
Well if the blue laser can't read ps2 games naymore your basically screwed unless a store could fix it.
well thanks everyon, to correct what is said in the other post, I am getting disk read error, i just had to wait just alittle bit longer to see it. I tried to adjust the lazer with that whit gear knob and it still didn t work. thanks for the help.
Have you tried adjusting the voltage yet?
Hahaha...I suggest getting specialised help.
moomoomoo said:
He'll probably break it more..
LOL....Thanks for the vote of confidence. :thumb:
pfff...I adjusted my CD laser at three times and my DVD laser once successfully before it went totally shot. I doubled the life of my 30001 with laser tweaking. But good tip: if turning the screw is requiring too much force, don't push it; the second time I tried to adjust the DVD laser I twisted the grooves right off :heh:
Ya, I had the same problem with my SCPH-30001 just a few days ago. It could read all CD media (PS2 CD games, PS1 Games, Audio CDs), but would never load any DVD media. I Tried adjusting voltage, the white cog (lens distance from disc), everything. Decided my laser was shot, so now I'm out my PS2 until next week or so I'm going to order a 400C (400B is the original, crappy laser :p).
Wy don't you guys get network adapter and some HDD? :) Now I use my laser almost only when I want to play online :)
ive got a problem...i attempted to 'fix' my freinds ps2 i think it was one of the first ones out...i had fixed mine which is a 39001 by taking the lazer apart and cleaning off all the glass parts then all disks read like new.....but when i did it to only read cds and no dvds...then the more i re tried it got nothing works and i owe my freind a new ps2 or at least a new lazer......any ideas on what i could have done wrong?
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