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PS2 problems

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Hi! I would like to ask for your opinions. I have an old PS2 and it can't read any ps2 dics anymore, I already cleaned the lens but is still won't read. Is the problem its lens or its motor? how much(in the philippines please) would it cost for me to replace its lens or motor? Thanks
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I had the same problem with my dreamcast. I tried to use similar method that N_w95482 provided and i guess i turned the voltage to far. If you use that method be very delicate with it.
Yeah i know i can find GD-rom replacement. Just been putting it off since i havent played many games recently. The only game I ever played on my dreamcast was soul calibur and sometimes Crazy Taxi. Also emu's on it was great until i got my ps2 to play them.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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