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PS2 problems

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Hi! I would like to ask for your opinions. I have an old PS2 and it can't read any ps2 dics anymore, I already cleaned the lens but is still won't read. Is the problem its lens or its motor? how much(in the philippines please) would it cost for me to replace its lens or motor? Thanks
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If that method doesn't work, try raising the voltage for the laser of the offending type of disc (DVD or CD). You can find a guide for it here (either of the disc read error FAQs). My PS2 (SCPH-30001) was having a very hard time reading GTA: SA after I played GT4 on it for a month or so. After I cranked up the DVD laser voltage a wee bit (90 degree turn or so :heh: ), the game was almost back to normal (still has some minor loading problems when traveling at very high speeds).
The guides on GameFAQs say to turn it about two degrees at a time but I was impatient and did a 80-90 degree turn :D. So far, the laser hasn't crapped out so I guess it's OK :p. I didn't know you could do the same procedure to a DC though, although my main problem with my DC is heat, not the disc drive :p. You should be able to easily find a replacement GD-ROM though, everything in the system is super easy to swap out :).
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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