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PS2 problems

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Hi! I would like to ask for your opinions. I have an old PS2 and it can't read any ps2 dics anymore, I already cleaned the lens but is still won't read. Is the problem its lens or its motor? how much(in the philippines please) would it cost for me to replace its lens or motor? Thanks
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Well... judging by the standards of the old PSX, a lens/motor plus labor will cost just about 80% of a whole PS2 at current market price.

I'm not sure though, since I haven't had to have my console repaired yet. But if I were you, have it estimated first. Checking is *usually* free, but the repair isn't. It's just a matter of getting a good service person to do it. Some technicians just immediate suggest the most beneficial solution for *them*, and not *you*.

Or... just it serviced in a Sony certified outfit, assuming the warranty is still in effect.
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