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I'm looking for Snes i Nes emulators for PS2 and yeah i looked at Google and found some but im looking for a way to put them both a a one DVD/CD i have only few games so its pointless to waste 2 DVD/CD
best option would be that there would be a menu which i can chose what emu to run or is there a 2i1 emu i don't know about :)

quick FAQ
Q: Why not run those games on ur PC instead
A:Because i use mostly my Lap and a 15 inch LCD doesn't compare to 26 inch CRT and beside old games look better on old TV
Q:Why don't you connect ur lap to a tv
A:My lap doesn't have a TVOUT and buying a seperate device for it is to expensive
Q:Why don't you connect ur NES to a TV
A: yeah great idea why not as well my PSX,SNES,Comodre64,GameCube,and Amiga when i can have it all in one
BTW 2 of those names can be wrong i dunno how they are called original for example NES was here know as Pegasus i dunno why

I thing thats all sorry for such big post but i know that some of you will ask questions instead of helping oh and yeah i do have a modded PS2
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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