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Ps2 Hd

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i have a question, my little brother bought the Hard drive that comes with final fantasy for the ps2. It's bin preformated already. we can copy our memory card save on to the the HD. my question is: What file system is it formated in ? fat32, ntfs, ext2, ext3 ?
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thanx for the link, can i format another HD, so that the ps2 can read it like it does the one my little brother got. Cause the ps2 HD is 40 GB & 5400 rpm and i have an extra 60GB, 7200 rpm HD.
oh ok ,thanx. sorry i didnt mean to start some thing illegal. im just interestd cause the ps2 HD is 5400 rpms and it really slows down the boot up time of the ps2, thats y im hoping the 7200 rpms will bring it back up to its normal boot time.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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