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I have an interesting proposition here...
I have been able to get my Stereo 3D drivers, iZ3D and Nvidia 3D, to work with PCSX2 using a directX 9 video plugin, because that is what the 3D drivers act on is the DX9, but my problem is that I want to be able to play PS1 games in stereo 3D. For example I'm trying to play Resident Evil 2 but computers don't read PS1 cds, at least not mine, and even if they do PS1 emulators don't have DX9 video drivers for them. So then I tried downloading the PC version of Resident Evil 2, I've been spending money on RE games since they came out so I feel justified, and it doesn't recognize the DX9 either. So here's my idea, is there any way to make a video driver for a ps2 emulators work with a ps1 emulator? There are other reasons that people want DX9 plugins to work for PS1 games, if you google you'll see so it's not just a single request. That, or does anyone know if a dev has started working on a backwards compatible version of a PS2 emulator? I know it would be a headache I'm sure but does anyone know if there is some other way at all for me to play a PS1 game using a DX9 video plugin? Any help is appreciated. I have this thing, it's like a tic, that when I think of something that should be possible a million different ways but yet still isn't out there I have to see it through :eyemove:.
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if i remember rightly there is a ps2 equivelent of gdsx for ps1 not sure about the direct x version it uses but it should be 9, so that solves the direct x problem, but i have no idea on the cd problem.

since this is mostly about ps1 emulation i would think this is in the wrong place.
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