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I've just found this on the net while i was try to find some documentation to make my own ps2 emulator (ok.. it's a VERY ambesious project!). It's called EKAF emulator ( Is it too good to be true? I think so.

1) the name "EKAF", switch it around and what do you get..... FAKE!
2) the way they talked about it seems just too simple

But there is a download section, the file actually exist (8.12 megs)! But since i have a 56k and no ps2 games, i can'T test it..

So, do you think it's a hoax or not? My opinion, yes!

Oh well, then, i guess i just have to wait until i
1) have enough cash to buy a ps2 and ffX
2) there is an emulator that will actually work in a couple of years!
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