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ps2 emulator in the works

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Funny. I would have assumed they'd wait to use that story for April 1.
Originally posted by Ryos
Funny. I would have assumed they'd wait to use that story for April 1.
Hmmm.... I read the article and it seems to be pretty convincing.........but we know that nothing is impossible.....but in some cases we have to be a bit realistic. Though they sound like the emulator is coming in next 10 months but the actual job is pretty tough. I think someone having a bit of emu authoring experience would do this job quite calb, galtor, or even LDchen......!

Read the article carefully, then look elsewhere. If you read up on other sites, it's all too apparent this is yet another fraud. The story was "leaked" on Hotline. There's a reliable source of information.

Hint: this guy is obviously full of it, considering it's for PS2 games and "possibly even Xbox" in the future. Any red flags popping up yet? They should be. The fact they used Summoner as the image is also good evidence. The colors of "Grinch" are particularly interesting.
Originally posted by Ryos
. Any red flags popping up yet?

LOL! I particularly like these two lines: "We are now trying to work with Sony and Apple to release a fantastic product sometime in 2002. Our module based emulation can be use to emulate anything, and we have generated a lot of interest."
LMAO! I think they steal the logo from bleem! I believe it is a fake!
There will be the day that a PS2 emu comes out , but i also think that PS2 emulation is only possible with the PERFECT emulation of PSX gams
as if Sony would cooperate with them, if this emu was ever going to come out then it'll surely face Sony in court if not already been bought
hey you never know, this emu might be real
Originally posted by extremgamer
hey you never know, this emu might be real
It could be. But it almost certainly isn't. Like I said, read the article carefully. Then look around for information on the "author." It screams bogus story people will jump on.
I dont really believe in this news.More so with so many fake emulators in the news in recent times.;)
A ps2 emulator will come out surely but I am sure we will get a working dc emulator much before it.
Well we all just have to wait and see. As Ali said "Nothing is impossible." The way our hardware seems to be evolving these days, it could very well go smoothly and we might have a ps2 emu out in a couple of years. (*fingers crossed*);)
At least they didn't commit any serious gramatical errors in their speech, if this emu will ever be real.
dammed thing
I really think I was seeying the future ...
Even if this was true it will only benifit Mac Users.:(
Well in the moment it ain't possible , but i'm sure about that in 9 months the first PS2 emu will be out that runs 3 games !
Originally posted by Esma
Even if this was true it will only benifit Mac Users.:(
Hey but that is a start :p then after 2 months should come the windows port ;)
Ah, but according to the "emulator's" author, only MacOS X has the power and design for doing the needed emulation. "We can only do this with MacOS X of course, it is a really good OS for emulation." Maybe he'll have a hardware addon that emulates food, eliminates the need for companionship, eliminates every disease ever encountered, and grants immortality.
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