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Ps2 DVD-Player problem

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Is there a way to reset the settings of the DVD-Player?
(I have got the SCPH-70004)
If I got in the Settings-Screen while I'm watching a movie the language is on french and I can't change the settings for the Safety device for children...
Can anyone help me?
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Couple of things..
Check to see if the DVD settings are stored on a MEMORY CARD. If so then delete.

Try this from the manual:
Press the SELECT button and enter the 4-digit number "7444" whenever the Parental Control display asks you for your password. The old password is deleted.
You will then be prompted to enter a new password, enter whatever number you want, something like 0000, or a number that is easy to remember. If you wish to turn it off, just set it to off and forget about passwords.
- When you play DVDs which do not have the Parental Control function, playback cannot be limited on this player.
- If you do not set a password, you cannot change the settings for playback limitation.
- Depending on the DVD, you may be asked to change the parental control level while playing the disc. In this case, enter your password, the change the level. When you stop playing the DVD, the playback limitation level returns to the original setting.

After changing DVD settings:
To save your changes, be sure to eject the DVD before pressing the RESET button or turning off the unit with the MAIN POWER switch. Please note that changes will not be saved if you reset or turn off the console without first ejecting the DVD.
Sony Playstation 2 manual, pg. 19

Push comes to shove....Ask one of the French members here to walk you through how to set it back to English. We have a few French members here..
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Thank you for the explanation,if put a DVD in,I can't choose the Parental Control function,so the DVD doesn't support it.But in the first Menu,in the settings-screen,I can't choose anything,there are just the french setting,an I can't change them.
But I'm happy that my DVD-Player isn't broken.. :)
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