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PS2 DVD burning issues

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Hey guys.
Long time no see.
Right to the point.
When I burn PS2 isos on a dvd burner, they don't quite work on my system.
I mean I buy the original, but for the sake of not ruining the disk, i make a copy of it, and burn it on DVDs. That is why I modded my ps2 to play copies.
but the thing is that when I insert the disk, it always brings the " Insert Playstation or Playstation 2 Format disk " screen. After a few times (like 10 to 20 times) reseting, the games may work. The thing is that the copies work with my friends ps2s just fine.
Does this mean i need to remod my ps2 or what. Does the type of DVD disk differ? Is there a specific way to burn the disks. The interesting thing is that for new games like god of war, I found copies for them (being sold), so I said I would try it, and worked fine, but then I threw it when I bought the original.
does this mean that there is a difference in the burning process?
Any help Appreciated.
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probably you got some cheap chip .. I mean modchip ...
I got some good chip on my own PS2 system .. that is suitble with the slim version ..
My chip also turn itself off when the game is loaded .. and has some other features ..
what chip did you put in your PS2 ?

also .. if that kind of talk isnt allowed here please just remove my message ...
Actually I don't really know what kind of modchip.
but it works with all kinds of games, weather NTSC or PAL, and perfectly if I might add.
Sensitive topic here buddy....your walking a fine line...

Just take care of your discs, and you won't need backups
God of War is a dual-layered dvd game, so I don't see how you're going to make a copy of it by normal means.

And yes, you should definitely watch what you say. You're really close to getting one of the moderators into closing this topic. You shouldn't have mentioned that you modded your PS2.
I have the same problem of getting the error thing with my ps2. But my problem is with my orginal ps1 games. The modchip is a real hassle for me now. I would recommend using harddrive loading device instead. Booting games that you own from your harddrive is better way to keep your intact. I stopped so long ago of backing up my collection on cd once i got harddrive in my ps2.

As for dual layer dvd games you can us harddrive with method of making iso a certain way. I cant show how or where to get it but its easy to find on the net.

Even though mods are considered subject not to be talked about it should. Mods are few ways emu's can be played on the ps2. And isnt emu's is what is all about?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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