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PS2 Controller suggetions

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One of my PS2 controllers has a defective R2 button and a non functional Select button, It's no longer under warranty, Does anyone have any sugestions for a replacement, If the original was better or a third party controller would be better
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Any NYKO Airflow will do :thumb: NYKO Airflows

Or if you want something a little cheaper the Pelican Afterglow Pro controllers are pretty sweet and confortable.
Any NYKO Airflow will do :thumb: NYKO Airflows
yes I love NYKO products, they will do you justice, and they are only $20.00 usd of course
any other sugestions? most of the times what I exactly want are not in stock and I can't find any online stores that ship to this part of Malaysia without costing too much
kinda late, but i suggest the Logtiech Cordless Action Controller. careful tho because im talking about the second version, which is smaller and has plastic grip covering the analogue sticks. its cordless, runs 50hrs on 2 AA batteries WITH rumble and has zero lag, and zero configuration is needed (switches channels by itself). its a little more expensive than the original version, so if u actually enjoy using the xbox controllers (hey who knows...u cud be white for all i knoe) u mite actually prefer version 1. keep in mind tho that version 1 requires 4 AA batteries to run the same amount of time.

on second thot :

the thrustmaster 2 in 1 seems to be pretty good too
hey who knows...u cud be white for all i knoe
I am chinese ok?

the Thrustmaster 2 in 1 looks sweet maybe I'll look into that
If it's one of sony's PS2 contollers just go out and buy the same one. Then after a couple of days return the broken one saying it doesn't work. Truthfully it doesnt work, and its not your fault that one button broke.
actuaily is was, it was a bootleg controller(Don't worry the other's real) ,the originals were execsively expensive and the bootleg ones are fragile
I quite like this one. I was in the mood, and picked it up from Currys. It's a lot better than it looks. Doesn't work too well on my XBox (through the PS2 adaptor) as they seem to rely too much on htee shoulder buttons which aren't that great on this, but in games like CvS2 and Soul Calibur, it rox
which ones are better the standard PS2 DS2s or third party ones?
sony dualshocks are generally better than 3rd party controllers. i would usually avoid anything 3rd party unless it had an official sony endorsement sticker on it -- its a little holographic playstation symbol.

dualshock 1s can be had fairly cheap if you do not require the analog buttons and they should work for almost every game out there. if you want to go wireless, i would also second the new logitech controllers..
I need one with a quick response time,accurate pressure sensitivity and precise analog sticks
Have you ever taken you ps2 controller apart and fixed it? I had similar problem with my controller with one of the buttons not responding. After taking it apart i found button was stuck and some other stuff. Try to fix it first, but takes while to get it to work right.
I did, but found nothing that seemed out of place, and yes it's relatively hard to put back together
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