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PS2 controller problem

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So I bought this nifty little USB convertor for my PS2 controller, and I'm having problems with the y-axis. In control panel>gamepads everythings cool, works perfect even re-calibrated it. But when I try to play in PSXeven the y-axis "sticks" when I try straight up or straight down. If I start left and rotate up everything is fine, but from a neutral position I have to hit it two, three times to go. I've tried NRage plugin, and Harakiri plugin with the same problem on both. Everything else works beautifully so I don't think it's a hardware problem. Also what are the deadzone and saturation options?
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No there is no plugin calibration. Only deadzone settings in most. I've tried a lot more plugins now and none of them work like they should. On some if analog is on only the sticks work, not the d-pad. And then vice-versa if digital is on.
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