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I have been using PCSXR for a while to play FF8. A friend did all of the ripping and extracting of my FF8 discs and of the BIOS of my PS1.
While i do know a lot about tech i am not good with emulators.

I tried to run my FF7 game disc 1 in PCSXR and it keeps telling me that it is not a official PSX disk.

I dont know what version i am running but the folder i extracted from the zip is called EmuCR-Pcsxr-r72232.

I have 2 CD-ROM plugins: P.E.Op.S. CDR Driver 1.4 and SaPu's CD-ROM Plugin 1.3 both fail to recognize my FF7 disc 1. I've used this disc on a PS1, 2 PS2s (which i sadly dont have anymore) and a PS3 with no issue.

Also i left my FF8 discs at my grandparents house and i haven't been able to get it back. I have a .bin and a .cue of it and this application called PsxMC253 (Which reads my FF7 disc fine) doesn't work with the .bin and the .cue of the FF8 files. How can i get this to work with it?

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in your previous message you spoke of FF7 and FF8. it was a typing error? or does the problem occur with both games?

either way, let's continue.

(0) confirm BIOS hashes

epsxe/pcsxr-pgxp uses scph1001.bin or scph7502.bin [only one required]

mednafen and reatroarch use three at the same time scph5500.bin, scph5501.bin and scph5502.bin.

File..: scph1001.bin
CRC32.: 37157331
MD5...: 924E392ED05558FFDB115408C263DCCF
SHA1..: 10155D8D6E6E832D6EA66DB9BC098321FB5E8EBF
SHA256: 71AF94D1E47A68C11E8FDB9F8368040601514A42A5A399CDA48C7D3BFF1E99D3
File..: scph5500.bin
MD5...: 8DD7D5296A650FAC7319BCE665A6A53C
SHA1..: B05DEF971D8EC59F346F2D9AC21FB742E3EB6917
SHA256: 9C0421858E217805F4ABE18698AFEA8D5AA36FF0727EB8484944E00EB5E7EADB
File..: scph5501.bin
CRC32.: 8D8CB7E4
MD5...: 490F666E1AFB15B7362B406ED1CEA246
SHA1..: 0555C6FAE8906F3F09BAF5988F00E55F88E9F30B
SHA256: 11052B6499E466BBF0A709B1F9CB6834A9418E66680387912451E971CF8A1FEF
File..: scph5502.bin
CRC32.: D786F0B9
MD5...: 32736F17079D0B2B7024407C39BD3050
SHA1..: F6BC2D1F5EB6593DE7D089C425AC681D6FFFD3F0
SHA256: 1FAAA18FA820A0225E488D9F086296B8E6C46DF739666093987FF7D8FD352C09
File..: scph7502.bin
CRC32.: 318178BF
MD5...: B9D9A0286C33DC6B7237BB13CD46FDEE
SHA1..: 8D5DE56A79954F29E9006929BA3FED9B6A418C1D
SHA256: 5E84A94818CF5282F4217591FEFD88BE36B9B174B3CC7CB0BCD75199BEB450F1
you can use HashMyFiles for this. it's very simple and for free!

NirSoft HashMyFiles [freeware]

(1) confirm Games Hashes

as I don't know which game it is, I can't provide you with a more specific link. knowing the game, the procedure is very similar to the previous one. just compare the values, if they were identical, success!

(2) prefer BIN + CUE or multi-BIN + CUE

always use disc images instead of real discs. besides being better for preserving disks leaving them in a safe place, it's better, more stable, more reliable, faster and more practical to always use audited disk imaging (ie with hashes compared to cataloging sites like redump).

always open games through their respective CUE files and you are ready to go.

(3) use ePSXe or RetroArch Beetle PSX HW

I consider ePSXe the most user friendly emulator of all the good ps1 emulators.

eventually it has incompatibilities with some machines using Windows 10. in these cases it is best to use RetroArch + Beetle PSW HW. (however, if ePSXe is the friendliest, RetroArch is the least friendly. RetroArch is a very pretentious, grandiose and complex project. given what it sets out to do the result is not bad, but fatally frightens beginners.)

PCSXR-PGXP is an emulator that I like to use. but I can't say that I like to recommend it. I consider it to be best for anyone who has used emulators for many years and knows how to solve their problems on their own. ePSXe is really much simpler and more affordable.

best guides of the internet for ePSXe:

ePSXe Basic Setup Guide (Windows)

ePSXe Plugin Guide (Windows)

ePSXe Basic Setup Guide (Ubuntu Linux)

ePSXe Configuration & Trobleshooting (Android)


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My issue is that the emulator doesn't recognize my physical FF7 disc.
My issue with FF8 is that the application PSXMC doesn't recognize the .bin or .cue files. PSXMC is for ripping music or video files from the games.

And like i said the FF7 disc works with the movie/music ripper and the FF8 works with the emulator.

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In the old times, emulators and the like had a dependency with the wnaspi32.dll library to be able to read CD-ROMs at a low level. And some others need zlib1.dll too.
You only need to put the corresponding dll in the same directory as the executable, that's all ...and take into account that these programs used to work correctly in Win98 SE and Win2K / WinXP.
And you also needed another emulator for CD-ROM using * .cue and * .ccd formats. Don't hope that they work with contemporary "roms".

MagicDisc worked fine in such OS's. If these programs don't work in a modern OS, you will have to resort to a VM.
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