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Well i read somewhere on this forum that p2 emu's should only be 4 ps2 games, but if u make the ps2 emu's able 2 play ps1 games then wouldnt it give better gaphics.

I left my ps2 games at a friend an they got stolen (or so he claims) ....Anyway i get min. 34 - max. 78 fps in my bios (thats good isnt it).

This isnt illegal wat im about 2 ask (is it?)
Im gonna buy some ps2 games 2day, and just wanted to know if the games would work if i used clone dvd (or somethin) to make an image (dont wanna get my original scratched or anything) on my hdd.


PC Specs: Albatron Intel 865PE/PE Pro, P4 3.0GHz HT 1mb L2, 512Mb DDR400Mhz, Pixelview FX5900XT 128mb 256bit, 160Gb 7200rpm 8mb cache HDD + 40Gb 5400rpm HDD. :guitar:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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