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you'll will still get "so so results" 'till you do a massive upgrade, but since aparently you have a laptop, the cost of the upgrade is a "waste" for the emulator.

Your P4 regarding it runs at 3GHz today is fairly weak compared to any dual core.

512MB of RAM is the minimum for the emu (in XP, Vista requires 1GB) , if you run a lot of process in the background then you're screwing any aplication performance you load.

Radeon X200 is pretty OLD this days, but still can bring some performance in 2D/not 3D intensive games.

The most you can do is using the latest version and trying to use the speed hacks, maybe buying entra RAM for your system, but since the other HW will hold massively PCSX2 performance is better to stay away of high end emulators 'till you own a better PC.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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