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Proof that (FF7) Cloud is (FF13) Lightning

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nah, aeris looks more asian.
She looks almost exactly like Aeris :lol: Square's getting lazy with character design. Imo, Stella looks better.
I don't remember any gay sex in Don Corneos club...........I just passed that part a few days ago.........and I doubt they would drop the cross dressing scene.
When you did the cross dressing scene, you will have the option to look in the rooms of the club (or listen). One has a grandfather talking to his daughter (the first part of their convo makes you think they are having sex), then theres the scenen I was talking about. Cloud gets drawn into a room consisting solely of wrestler like men wearing porno mustaches. They proceed to get cloud into a corner, and ask him for "a massage". When the text starts saying "its starting to hurt" you have the option of continuing or leaving lol.
It's the easiest way to tie FF games to each other. All the heroes are related. ALL of them. Yes, the family tree is more like a family pretzel.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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