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Sound happens during movies but not during gameplay. I remember playing this game when it came out and it did in fact have music in-game. I tried several different settings with Eternal SPU and switched to the internal core sound and got the same results. I have tried bios' 7502 and 1001 and still no luck. Has anyone had this problem with other games and somehow fixed it?

I also apologize seeings that I mistyped my thread title. Sound during the game like gunshots and blood splatters do work ok, just not the background music. When I insert my CD into my CD rom drive and play the tracks through Windows Media Player it does so just fine,. so the game tracks are there they just aren't playing for some reason. Does this situation sound familiar to anyone at all?

EDIT: I found out what it was. I switched my CD-ROM plugin to Sapu's just to see what would happen and it suddenly started working. Thanks alot anyway and sorry I posted before trying that first. It was the only thing I hadn't tried.
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