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Hi guys.
Its been about 1 year since i last visited this site.
Just thought i'd drop in to find out if there was any progress
with epsxe?
Is it possible to play most Playstation 2 games yet?
Just checking, thanks!

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AFAIK ePSXe doesn't play PS2 games oO

You must've mistaken it for PCSX2 or something.
oh yeah, thats the one.
PCSX2 - does it work now?
No. Not how you want it to anyway.
Come back in say, 2 years and there will be progress...
does final fantasy 10 play ingame on pcsx2 or is it too slow to play enjoyably??.
Slow. Errors. Don't ask any more questions about PCSX2.
this thread is off topic and the questions have already been answered. closing...
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