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Now for a few days, we picked up dxbx development.
its still not showing Turok intro movie and stuff, but a real improvement is made already.

The first real Cxbx ported error has popt up to my screen.
The error KSetTimer is not implemented !!

I Get this error when i try to run Panzer Ortha, and also with running Boxplorer.

Ok these are not realy the results we where hoping for... nice playable games and fancy intro movies.
But this tells that we are getting closer.



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Great news:)

Nice to hear that progress has been made with dxbx, and is getting closer to cxbx. I just hope that the davelopers of the xbox emu scene could have some more free time in the future so there would not be so big breaks with davelopment. But ofcourse people has jobs and other things in their lives. And doing something as massive project like coding an xbox emulator must be pretty hard.

So just keep doing good job, i,m sure that someday we will have a great xbox emu that is as good like pcsx2, dolphin or any other emu.

It will come slowly but surely.:thumb:

And please remember to keep us informed when you got more great news like this.

Thanks and sorry my english.:emb:
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