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Program to eject/inject cd-rom

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I know windows and some other program supports ejecting the cd from drive. BUT what i wanted was a prog taht could "put" back the cd inside of the drive.
I think its possible, i remember a trojan(netbus i think) that could easily do that....
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Mine doesnt say load. it remains eject. and when i click again it does nothing....
The eject function works.
I want the drive to put the cd back into itself....
I know this can be done, coz clone cd does it.
If i eject the drive, and ask clone cd to "read to Image file" option, the drive closes.
And even better, i found a "Close Tray" option in it, so it really can be done!!

Any programer willing to help?
Ill go look for some source on the web, if i find ill ask you guys to compile it for me....
Maybe a open-source burner program???
Still no luck....
Ill keep searching.....

EDIT: Actually, i was too lazy to do a good search on google.
Ive found some progs, some shareware some free.
BUT, what i really wanted was one that set the options on the "right-mouse-click-pop-up-menu".

Heres what i found:

Just found what i was looking for!!!
What it does? It creates shortcuts for a lot of stuff, including Ejecting and closing the cd-rom tray!

Heres a pic of waht it can do:
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1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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