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The other day i was looking at the svn, and on revision 3321 LinesPrower commited a change called "Fixed Profiled REJIT" He also say it could potentially give a speed boost, at the cost of stability. Now i have three questions:

1) What Profiled ReJIt do?
2) If it's a fix, why i don't recall being "broken" on past commits
3) did anyone already tested it?

I tried testing, by changing the ini file as he said, by adding ProfiledReJIT = True in the core section of a gameini, but sadly i didn't noticed any kind of difference over regular JIT.

Is this fix x86 only?

=) i guess those were four questions xD. Well i hope someone can shed a light over this matter

As always Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work :thumb:
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