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processor 100 % ???

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Everytime I play games, especially emulators like nebula, I checked the windows task manager in performance. And I realized that the procesor is working at 100 % almost all the time. Will this harm my machine ?
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Only if its overclocked and/or over heating.
then, I guess it's ok because it's not overclocked nor over heating.
:) Thanks for you answer. I really needed to know this :D
ever hear of seti. and no overclocking a processor will not kill it. it will take away about 1-2 years of a processors life. processors are made to last about 20 years. i doubt you'll have the same pc in 20 years.
20 years with the same computer ?
that would be a nightmare kekeke
thanks for the info.
Thoes sound like estimated and/or myth like "facts." It might be true that processors are designed to last a certain amount of time, but that's not a fixed amount of time. Factors such as over clocking, location, ambient tempature, etc. will all determine how long the processor will end up lasting.
Quote: "the normal lifespan of ANY semiconductor device can be characterized by what is termed as the 'BATHTUB CURVE' ", whatever the hell that means.. hehe:D
Yeah, overclocking's great. I figure I'll be upgrading computer parts or getting a new comp every 4 years or so, so why not make the best of your hardware while you still have it? My previous sytems (Pentium, Celeron) were both overclocked and my videocard is also overclocked. My current CPU doesn't seem to o/c well though so I just left it alone. I'm not sure about overclocking Athlons though, they have some very serious heat issues(Tom's Hardware readers should know what I'm talking about).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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