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Probs. with Fpsecfg.exe

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Ok here's the lowdown i can use FPSE fine but whenever i click on configure (to configure a psemu compatable plugin) Fpsecfg.exe crashes, but wait i can still use it and save mu configurations as long as i dont click "Close" on the popup... what is causing it??? Also MDEC's arent playing on FF9 US [NTSC] but sometimes only one inch of the left side of the screen plays... does MDEC's play on FF9? any reply is greatly appreciated...
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Originally posted by keyboard_caper

and yes.

the problem isnt that i cant use FPSe its that the config tool crashed when selecting psemu plugins.
Try removing from the "plugin\psemu" directory the following files (if present):
- audiow32.dll
- gpupec.dll
- spuseal.dll
They are the ones who cause the fpsecfg crash.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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