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Probs. with Fpsecfg.exe

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Ok here's the lowdown i can use FPSE fine but whenever i click on configure (to configure a psemu compatable plugin) Fpsecfg.exe crashes, but wait i can still use it and save mu configurations as long as i dont click "Close" on the popup... what is causing it??? Also MDEC's arent playing on FF9 US [NTSC] but sometimes only one inch of the left side of the screen plays... does MDEC's play on FF9? any reply is greatly appreciated...
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maybe you have a plugin that doesn't like your system... try removing all the psemu plugins and then add them one at time, you'll discover the ill behaving plugin, sometimes that happens on CD plugin on as system with out a full ASPI layer..

I'm not sure about the MDECs... maybe is the emu doing the wrong thing^^
use the previous version or pete's one w/out XAsmooth and with 500 or less for volume
Do you have the ASPI layer set?
Are you sure that you follow the faq?
Have you ever read that document?
Do NOT use the 0.08 configurator, won't work at all
just edit the fpse.ini by hand if you want to try...
BTW you can just avoid clicking the warning message and finish to set plugins and press update and exit button so you can try to use fpse...
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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