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I wondered if any of you had this problem, and could help me fix it.

When i run Tekken 3 everythin works fine with no bugs at all, but when i enter arcade mode and win against the last boss i see a cut screen, after that is says "Welcome to the iron fist turnament, enter the tekken" and then nothing happens after the screen is just black. So i can't unlock new stuff.

I'm useing ePSXe 1.7
P.E.Op.S. soft driver 1.18 (Video)
Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41 (Sound)

My Computer specs:
Intel core 2 duo t9300 2.50 ghz x2
Nvidia Geforce 8600m GT
4 GB ram
Realtek HD audio
(Its a notebook)

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Are you runing from an image or from the actual disk, if its an image try with the Disk if it still doesent work then it could be something else (or the disk may be to damaged) but until now it seems like a faulty image.
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