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I have a problem with the emulator epsxe (version 1.4) when I will play the games Final Fantasy 7 - 9.

The problem is:

When I play FF7 and FF8 I come to the startscreen and when the intro beginns I hear sound but see no pictures.

With FF 9 I don't come to the startscreen.Afterthe Squaresoft logo I only see a blackscreen. ( I have patched the PAL Version )

Which plugins have I to use that the games and movies running well and how must I configuerade them, that that there are no problems with the movies, game and sound.


My system:

AMD TB 1333 MHz
Elsa Gladiac 511 64 MB ( Geforce 2 )
Creative Soundblaster Live! 5.1
Windows 98

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Well since we have pretty much the same system,here's my configuration files of all Final Fantasys for ePSXecutor(assuming that you have the same plugins as I do,i.e.Pet'e's OGL,Eternal SPU 1.1 and The internal CDR plugin).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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