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I know this board is for problems all across, I'm pretty sure these are problems that I'd experience with other games, however I currently only have these three.
I've been trying to work on these problems myself, but hours of trial and error have led me to believe I'm going to need some help.

The problems:
Audio: Voices aren't playing, fmvs don't play audio.
Video: On fullscreen 800x600 (the default for my plugin) the video is missing the bottom inch or so. On any other resolution, the video shows everything, but it's always a very small square (likely along the lines of 340x340).

I am using:
ePSXe 1.60
GPU Plugin is PEC cheating with Peops Soft Driver 1.18 for windows
Sound Plugin is the default (ePSXe SPU cor 1.5.2) with Enable Sound and Enable CDDA Sound checked.
Bios is scph1001.

I have tried:
1. Changing the GPU plugin. I was using Petes OpenGL2 Driver 2.9, but I got errors along the lines of "missing shader texture" and the like, so I changed to the peops plugin, which, aside from the previous problems, runs fine.
2. Changing the Sound settings. I checked SPU IRQ and XA, which causes the audio to lag and echo, as well as other random oddities.
3. Changing settings on the GPU plugin. I chose "Fast" on the settings (just to be safe) and changed the resolution, but unlike the OpenGL2 plugin, ePSXe crashes (although the settings are saved).
4. Yelling at my computer.

My Specs:
Windows Vista Home Basic 32 Bit Build Service Pack 16001
2 processors running - Intel Core2 Duo CPU T6400 @ 2.00GHz
Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset (yes, I know it's terrible, but I'm pretty sure it isn't the problem).

Any ideas (again, sorry if this is the wrong thread)?

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Tried Epsxe 1.70 with the same setttings, it's choppier but the audio worksnow, although the first FMV froze I think at the end, and cutscenes seem to pause and unpause randomly.

Also, I really suck.

Still looking for input.

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Um, I'm not one to bump my own topics, but it looks like this isn't on the "new posts" list, and I still haven't gotten anywhere.
Also, I forgot to mention that I'm running these as ISOs, I don't know where my original disks are.

The games seem to lag about three to five frames more than in ePSXe 1.6.

The cutscene pauses so far only happened on RE2, I have yet to try RE3. The cutscenes in RE2 can be playing, stop, wait around seven seconds, and then continue, multiple times in a cutscene (although it isn't game breaking, it's really annoying). FMVs seem to run well though.

Overall, it looks like I could play the game from here on, but I'm worried it could freeze in gameplay, and I haven't configured saving and the like yet. As well, it seems the freezes aren't from instability necessarily, but from the game just crashing at that point, as an example (in case I'm not explaining well), the game might freeze when a boss model appears, and thus be unplayable until fixed.
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