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hi guys,

ich have startet FFX and the pics are like this :

Yfrog - finalfantasyx

Details about my Computer (at the moment only a laptop):

Yfrog - computers

The prozessor has 6 MB Cache.

The video Card ist a 9650 GT with 1024 MB Gddr2 Ram. (dx10 possible).

I don't know the perfekt settings.
Can somebody help me?

PS: most of the backround is not visible!

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2 solutions :

- Use latest gsdx rev
- If available, check nloop hack in gsdx options

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use GDSX instead of ZeroGS??

Also use the current oifficial version (9.6)

Remember that I tried that game and the missing geometry is already solved in 9.6

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i used the newest version. These are my settings at the plugins and the Graphic settings and also the Prozessor Settings.
Yfrog - proberties

And with this settings the backround is unvisible.
I have also another question.
If i start a Game from the image at the Console write the Following lines:

Yfrog - consolenmeldung

The Game is loading but a red-written sentence means most times that there is a bug. So what would you say? Are the files which missing very important?

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