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Problems with Pete's OGL plugin

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When i try to play a game with Pete's OpenGL driver 1.50 all i see on my screen is a black with a little yellow on top where the fps should be. Does anyone know why its doing this? I know my vid card is compatible with OpenGL because i use that setting in my Counter-Strike settings. Any help?
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You may check the option "change desktop settings"
Its still not working. Here are my specs: Thunderbird 1.1GHZ, 128 megs RAM, and a nVidia RIVA TNT2 Model 64\Model 64 Pro 16megs RAM.
Use petes d3d plugin

Although the tnt2 does have opengl on some games it runs very badly,my sister has my old one that is exactly the same as yours and she was having problems until we changed to petes d3d plugin.Hope this help:)
Thanx for the info. I guess the plugin just doesnt work for my TNT. I'll just use the d3d plugin.
Despite of the quality of TNT2M64..have u checked
your driver and directX version..?
i used to have a TNT2M64 and it runs fine on my old
K6-3 400mhz..and if u're using via chipset motherboard..
the via 4 in 1 driver(the agp one especially) may coz
the problem too..try to grab the latest one and see wat's
happening..sometimes it's fun:p to palying aroung with
those configuration..
IMHO..the tnt2M64 isn't dat ofmy friend even
enjoy playing with his tnt Vanta..just if u got the setting
optimized for it..:)
oh btw..u didn't mentioned wat game u're playing..sometimes
the screen just stun right after the F4 and's
something with the SPU irq dat u gotta turn it on'off via manual
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Everything is updated to the current versions. I have the newest Detonator 3 drivers (V. 1241) and Direct X 8. And the it doesnt work with any game i try.
Pete s OGL SHOULD work w/ ur system if u can play CS w/ OGL.

considering u have a 1.1ghz processor too i ll put a screenshot of the video settings:
BTW, which bios do u use? And which game have u tried?
(And the 1.51 PeteGPU drivers are out ;) )
And Have u ever tried to play w/ an iso? (sorry about the lot of questions tough)

Well i tried the new drivers and it doesnt work either. I am using the scph 1001 bios and ive tried all the games i own. ff9, mgs, etc. oh and i havent tried isos yet.
And the peted3d plugin works?
Man, how weird!
I've also experience using pete's OGL 1.50 & 1.51, mostly in PAL (50fps). The images a FLICKERING!. Sometimes -also in NTSC games

Solution? :confused:
well, 1st of all, give ur system specs and try to put the country autodetection on and also the frame per second autolimit.

Which games have u tried?
Mine was ; K6-2-500, Geforce2Mx, 128 SDRam,

Game; Alone In The Dark ; A New Nightmare
Bios; SCPH 7502.bin
GPU; Pete's OGL, 1024 * 768, scanlines, standard filter,....
SPU; Pete's DSound 1.10 / old Midas
CDR; Pete's CDr

~All Pete's;)

The flicker solve when I enable FSAA option (NVmax), but I don't want to use FSAA since mine specs was slows,
well, why don t u try tu put 640x480 resolution
enhanced OD, standard filtering and FSAA 2x?
Since i know that AITD4 is contening 2d backgrounds (like the ff on the psx), there s no reason to put a high resolution, u won t see the difference in the background...

U shouldn t experience speed lowerings...(if that s english I d be happy :D )

Tell me if that works.
Oh before that, try to switch the cdr plugin to the internal one
or even make an iso using ur settings u mentioned above...

...well u got it, but I like those thin scanline that can be see on large res. by the way thanx.
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