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problems with fire emblem sacred stone

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during the prologue chapter, where you are about to escape the castle, your party gets caught by a group of enemies. when the scene is about to go into the close up view of the fight with your knight, the game crashes. i skipped over that first part, and tried again using my hero. it works ok, but the same thing happens again if i use the knight. has anyone run into this problem yet?
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Well, I beat the game, and never had it freeze....
Are you using any cheat codes?
hmm if u mean cheats, nope not using any... and if u mean the first fire emblem, yeah i played that with no problems. probably just a wrong dump on my part, have to redo it again... i just hate how gba games play so slow :(
Well, about the slowness. I had the same problem recently, just happened randomly. In Options> FrameSkip i had set it to Automatic. Was good until few days ago. Changed it to 0, perfect. If this wount help it's might be your system...
I've been playing Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones without flaws or anything. It must the rom.

Regarding the slowness, Mine was really slow before (choppy sound, choppy speed). until I discovered that it was my Yahoo messenger that was clogging my VBA gameplay.

I suggest that if you have background apps. close it.
No, I'm not talking about the first fire emblem (although I did beat that too). I beat sacred stones on ephriam's route about a week ago.
If it's not cheat codes causing your problem, then it's got to be a bad dump.

Yeah, speed is an issue with VBA games, unless you have a pretty new and/or powerful computer. If speed is a major issue, you can try other emulators. VBA is perhaps the slowest of the GBA emus (although it's the only one with cheat searching, and other features). If you're willing to sacrifice features in favor of speed, try boycott advance (go for 0.27 if you want sound, the sound in 0.28 doesn't work) or no$gba. If you don't need joystick support, you can try rascalboy or any of the other 500 or so GBA emus. (I always play with a controller, so most of the GBA emus are useless to me, since they have to joystick support.)
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