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Problems with Ff9 with the plugin of Lewpy 1. 32!

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The magic of Flare, as well as other magic, have a very strange defect now!
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Originally posted by glide4ever
The magic of Flare, as well as other magic, have a very strange defect now!
Hmm, can you be more specific? I've played a bit with FF9 in the last couple of days, but repeating the same scenes over and over again, so not seeing a great variety of magic, etc. But I have seen some magic, and that was appearing okay.
Can you send me a save-state, just before the problem occurs?
I have the US version of FF9, so only send it if yours is the same version please :)
Originally posted by glide4ever
The effect of the magic flare, instead of transparent, is opaque!
Thanks for the save state. But it worked fine on both my Voodoo5 and Voodoo3, using v1.31/32/33 of my plugin (although 32/33 seem to do more of the effects, probably due to better OSD).
I can only suggest it is the x3dfx drivers you are using.
I used them on my Voodoo5, but returned to the last 3dfx drivers released, due to graphical errors in D3D. It seems the Voodoo3 drivers may have a blending problem.
Try going back to the last 3dfx drivers.
It's worth noting I use the Voodoo5 glide3x.dll with my Voodoo3, since I can only have one glide3x.dll in the system directory. Works fine though.
Originally posted by glide4ever
Install the last official Voodoo3 drivers of 3dfx but it continues passing the same thing:( but in pete d3d 1. 49 this doesn't happen:) this problem is not limited at FF9, BOF4 suffer of the same thing, and for sure others games also:( does some form exist of fixing it?
where I live alone sell voodoo3 3000 (that it is the one that I have), so I don't have many options:(
Well, I tested on a Voodoo3 3000 PCI, and I didn't get the problem at all.
I've just checked my setup, and here is what I am running:-

Voodoo5 - 3dfx v1.04.01 Beta (latest files dated 21/11/2000, archive released 28/11/2000)
Voodoo3 - x3dfx v1.07.00-BETA (latest files dated 31/01/2001, archive released 31/01/2001)

I didn't realise I was still running the x3dfx drivers on my Voodoo3, but I guess I only ever run Glide on there, so never had a problem and have not had to regress them back (which I had to do with my Voodoo5).
Anyway, the Voodoo5 drivers were installed after the Voodoo3 drivers, which means the Voodoo5 Glide3 driver was installed over the Voodoo3 Glide driver (in fact, all Glide files would have been replaced).
Try placing the Glide drivers from the Voodoo5 release above in the main emulator directory, put back the x3dfx drivers, and see if that cures the problem. In my config panel, you should see that the path to the Glide3 driver has changed, so that you know it is using it from the main emu directory, not \WINDOWS\SYSTEM.

This site here seems to have a very comprehensive set of 3dfx drivers, so you can grab them from there.
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Originally posted by glide4ever
Alpha MultiPass - it is possible that add this option of pete d3d in glide?
There is no need for this option in my Glide plugin.
Color dithering - with this option the textures improve a lot:)
My plugin enables dithering when the PSX actual enables dithering itself internally, controlled by the game.
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