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problems with FF8

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I just downloaded the new version of ePSXe and used the wizard to configure all of my settings. To test it out I tried FF8, and it ran pretty well for a while (opening CG movie, tutorial, beginning sequence). However, when in battle I couldn't see the usual interface - Attack, Magic, etc. I was able to use those abilities by pressing the X button a lot, though. So, the interface works fine, but I can't see it.
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Hi! This one took a little experimenting on my part, even though I'm sure the answer has already been posted! In order to see your "Attack" menu in FF8, you must select a level of "Off-Screen Drawing" in the graphics plugin higher than 1 - at 2, you get the outlines for windows; 3 gets you the full window (gray background instead of clear, as with the actual PSX); 4 gets you the vibration selection function when you pause, but everything else flickers (I use 3 for this reason)....

Something you said interests me. You said you were able to get the MDEC's at the beginning running. How did you go about doing this? Less this point, FF8 is perfectly playable on my machine - I just can't watch the movies currently.
Yup,3-enhanced is the one that Pete(almighty creator of a bunch of great plugins)recommended for most games.
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