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I've been trying to configure epsxe so that it runs FF8 for days now, and I still can't get it right. Sometimes the graphics and/or sound get choppy, sometimes the battles are screwed up, sometimes the controls don't work. I'm about to give up - this is getting to be too much work.
Does anyone have any ideas for me? My system specs, by the way, are:
800mHZ pIII
32MB Geforce256
some generic sound card from creative
other unimportant stuff
Anyway, thanks for any help you can give me

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Try this combination:

GPU: Pete's OGL or D3D, set to "Nice"
SPU: Internal ePSXe Plugin
CD-ROM: Internal Plugin or Pete's Plugin

If it still seems choppy, maybe your CD-ROM is the source of the problem. Try running the game from an ISO, and see if it helps.

Oh, and if the controls are not responding, try pressing F4.

[]s Badaro
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