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Problems With ePSXecutor

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Originally I installed ePSXecutor so that I could properly use my memory card files. After a few glitches, I was finally able to get ePSXecutor to start up the ePSXe program. The emulator seems to be trying to start up (I'm hearing the Playstation boot-up sound), but then nothing happens - the boot-up sound just goes on indefinitely with a blank screen. Could it be that I've typed the command line for the specific game incorrectly (-loadbin c:\emus\ePSXe\games\gamename.bin) or is this the result of something else that isn't configured properly in ePSXecutor?
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Well for the registry entries for game settings in epsxecutor, you'll find those under HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Vision Thing/ePSXeCutorCFG
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