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Hi, I've been been trying to get CTR to work on eSPXe, however no matter what I try it just does not want to make the game playable. When I start it up it loads the analog in the top right corner. Then it shows the Sony entertainment logo fine. However when it shows the copyright info and all that it starts to flicker like mad. After that it seems to run fine until it shows the story trailer or if you skip that and just try and go straight to the menu it does not show a loading screen(it shows the flag in the background but no LOADING....). I am currently using Pete's OpenGL2Driver 2.9, Eternal SPU Plugin 1.20, and the recommend CD for windows nt/2k. I have used these settings to play Chocobo's Dungeon 2 and FF7&8 so i'm having a hard time understanding why this simple racing game is not working. If you need any specs on my computer just ask and i'll post it and hopefully someone can help.

Thanks in advance,
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